I've seen packs of young children run around the Moscow's subway in the mid 90s. Propelled by huffing glue they regressed into primitive, instinctual survival mode; with no authority figures by their side they appointed their own leaders. Young susceptible and unstable they created their own rules for what it means to 'live'. Back in that time not all the subway stations would be blocked off; they found their ways to live underground.

I've never seen the effects of the drug 'Krokodil' personally, but since that time I always imagined that there was an entity that lived deep in the Moscow's subway systems. A man that is twisted and vial, who recruited packs of wild kids to spread the drug 'Krokodil' to the people on the surface.

This is my attempt to capture the horror of prolonged drug use of 'Krokodil'.



Krokodil Transform

Krokodil S02 Turntable

Krokodil S03 Turntable